Programme 2021/2022

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Talks will be held online using the zoom platform until further notice. Email for further information.

Thursday Evening 7th October 2021 6:00 PM

BMetA Lecture:- “UK Supply Chains for scaling up the Hydrogen Economy” by Dr Michaela Kendall from Adelan.

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Thursday Evening 4th November 2021. 6:00PM

BMetA Lecture:- “Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste – Challenges and Career Opportunities” by Jonathon Turner from Radioactive Waste Management.

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Thursday Evening 17th March 2022. 6:00PM online talk via Zoom.

Low carbon concrete products and their applications as a sustainable materials. A talk by Vighnesh Daas- Director JP Concrete.

Concrete is a crucial component of built environment. As a material, it can last longer than most other building materials. However, it requires a lot of resources for its production. Whilst water is the most used resource in the world, sand is second. Mainly used as a filler in concrete, its dredging from seas and rivers endangers local eco-systems and causes erosions. Another critical component of concrete is cement. As a binder, it reacts with water to keep the mixture of aggregates and sand together. However, cement production requires burning ‘clinker’ or limestone burning at very high temperatures. This results in a high carbon footprint, not to mention quarrying limestone in large numbers. New innovations are coming up in the market which increase concrete’s durability like “bio-based self-healing agents”, basalt fibres and cement replacement with by-products of other industries like steel and coal. This talk will focus on impact of the use of these innovations, challenges around implementation and the increasingly important role of resource management for sustainable construction.

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