Programme 2020/2021

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Talks will be held online using the zoom platform until further notice. Email for further information.

Thursday Evening 21/01/2021 – 6:00 PM

BMetA Lecture:- “The Future is in the Elements” by John Cockburn Evans.

A short retrospective look at the metallurgical elements, how they supported the industrial revolution. Then moving to how the world moved to oil based polymeric materials and then advanced polymeric materials in the 20th century. The gradual decline of these heavy use oil based materials driven by environmental requirements and how new metallurgical elements are in the ascendency and need to work in harmony with the oil and plant based materials to improve sustainability. Scientists, Engineers , Technologists, Metallurgists have been creating for the greater good and will continue to do so.

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Thursday Evening 18/02/21- 6:00PM

IOM3 Young Persons Lecture Competition.

With the BMetA nominee, Morgan Lowther, winning the 2020 World Final of IOM3 Young persons Lecture Competition, we are now inviting new participants to have go in our local heat of the 2021 event. Can we make it two in a row?

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Thursday 18/03/21- 6PM.

”Materials in Space: It is Rocket Science.

In this lively and engaging talk, Mike Lawton, Founder and ex-CEO of Oxford Space Systems, will profile some of the company’s innovative and record-breaking satellite technologies.  This ranges from proprietary flexible composites to large deployable antennas; all designed to survive the challenges of long-term storage, rocket launch and the harsh environment of Earth’s orbit.  Mike will cover the engineering and material compromises needed to strike a balance between technical performance and the cost and schedule challenges of the so-called, commercial New Space industry.  The highly visual talk will feature video of OSS technology on orbit, including the test firing of the world’s first ‘space harpoon’ system for debris removal.