Welcome to The Birmingham Metallurgical Association

The BMetA is based in the School of Metallurgy and Materials at the University of Birmingham. Its aim is t0 disseminate information on material properties, processing and application in terms of current, future and historical developments. This is carried out primarily through a series of FREE to attend evening lectures. Special events may be planned from time to time. These will be announced both on this site, and by email to subscribers to our email newsletters.

Battering a brass plate

We aim to have about eight lectures a year and these are normally held at the University on a Thursday evening, starting at 18:30 hrs, following a buffet which usually begins at 18:00 hrs. Lectures are normally about 45 minutes long followed by an opportunity for questions from the audience. The lectures usually attract an attendance of between twenty-five and seventy-five, depending on the topic. See the Contact us page for how to find us.

The audience consists of a diverse range of people, again depending on the topic, but would normally include postgraduate PhD students, undergraduates, members of the University’s academic staff and interested people from industry. Anyone with a genuine interest in the field of metals, materials and engineering is warmly invited to attend. We are an affiliated Society of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining IOM3 .

Brummagem ware

The aims of the association are :-

  • To promote the standing of both Materials Scientists and Engineers within both industry and the wider community.
  • To disseminate information on materials processing and properties to industry and academia in the West Midlands region primarily through a series of evening lectures.
  • To encourage membership of the IOM3 from student to higher levels including Professional and Fellowship grades.
  • To support and encourage young people and students in the pursuit of Engineering and material science.
  • To explore and promote awareness of the hugely significant historical role of Birmingham in the development of science and engineering.

It should be noted that attendance at BMetA lectures also counts towards meeting the requirements for Continual Professional development (CPD)- an important qualification for membership of many institutes, and for those seeking, or who have, Chartered Engineer status. The IOM3 actively audits this requirement. Further information regarding CPD, and a personal online logging facility may be found on the IOM3 website.

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